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January 27, 2010


When I first downloaded the Gimp, I was completely stymied because I never had used Photoshop. The instructions I found online were impenetrable. I gave up. Then I got a chance to learn Photoshop and found in my local public library a step-by-step instruction book. I was no expert but I finally understood how it all worked. Photoshop was and is way too expensive and far to large a program for my puny PC memory so I tried Gimp again and I've been using it ever since. Most of what I had learned in Photoshop was easily applied in Gimp. It's a fantastic resource.

I'm an old Macromedia Firefox user and just can't get the hang of Gimp. Since Macromedia was acquired by Adobe, each iteration of Firefox has become more bloated and Photshop-esque-- I find myself going back to the old Firefox (version 4.0) to make quick image edits.

I have an older PC with an Ubuntu 9.10 OS. Gimp seems like the natural choice for Ubuntu novices. When Chrome (another Linux distro) is released later this year or next, I'm wondering if Gimp will be a preferred image editor for that OS. If Google's Chrome OS takes over the world, your book may be very timely.

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