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December 21, 2009


Dear Solveig

I want to thank you for sharing and teaching useful things about openoffice.

I wanted to request you to show us how to make a simple invoice which can have following features:
1. Ability to select the product from drop down menu.
2. Ability to store the invoice details.
3. Some sort of report which shows which products are selling higher than others.
4. Ability to input clients name and rest of the information like address and other related fields are auto populated.

I know this a lot to ask and will take your valuable time to show us this.

Thank you

PS: Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year 2010.

Dear Solveig

I forgot to mention that "You have a beautiful smile" :-)


This is really great!You have dome my work easier and convenient too.Thanks for sharing this great information.

Dear Solveig
Thanks for keeping the tips coming. I was anxious to try this plugin as I make slide shows of photos fairly often, but currently have to borrow someone else's PC who has powerpoint to get this feature. I downloaded and tried this plugin but was disappointed that the photos are inserted as LINKS. This means I can't just put the single file on a usb stick and take it with me. Is there a way to easily create a photo slide show with the photos IN the odp file?

This sounds interesting. Will you please post more details? Thanks!

Solveig, this really help me a lot. more articles about this topic will be appreciated!

Excellent Solveig, great tip, you're gonna save so much time in the future!



I recently to visit your blog, reading, I very much enjoy, and above the content is great.

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