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October 22, 2009


When I set up OpenOffice 3, I must have done something wrong. Now when I hit the Indent Button in Writer nothing happens. How do I turn it back on?

Hi Steve,

Try Tools > Options > Writer > General and see what your default tab stops are set to. The indent icon indents your margin as much as one default tab.

I sure do like Open Office. I play with MS Office 2007 and Open Office 3 and there are some things Open Office can't do but that is for more in the stats area. If you want to use it for just simple and very eye opening pages like this DONE Example. It was great.

The more you play the more you learn.

Most important take notes. You can't remember everything. Cheat sheets work great.

Using the above spreadsheet and clicking show grid lines, when printed only about the first 5" (five inches) of the print out have the grid lines. Is there a solution to having the entrie spread sheet print out with grid lines?

I think Print Grid Lines just has the grid lines print where there's content. Does that make sense for what printed?

To Soleig -- thanks for your response of 11-05-2009 to the question about grid lines. No, The full spreadsheet page has numbers or alpha and as stated only the first 5 inches or so will print out grid lines. This situtation is true whether in portrait or landscape. Also this situation was not a problem with Open Office Version 2.+ but surfaced with OO 3.+.

Hi Solveig,
Thanks for this quite interesting explanation about the scenarios ! Let's push the things a bit further now:
a) Is it possible to have a table/list displaying all the resulting values of the outcome formula for a scenario and this for each value (label) of that scenario, so that I could for instance compare side by side all the results of the car choice ?
b) Even further, would it be possible to use the various drop-down possibilities of the two independent scenarios and build a sort of pivot table with scenario 1's as row labels, scenario 2's as column labels and the data of the table being the result of the combining formula ? Such a table should tremendously help in identifying optimal solutions !
Any suggestion ? Thanks in advance.

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