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August 08, 2009


i already use Open Office version 3.0 , but why open office more needed Ram in my computer ?. as a consequence my computer hang, i hope next version open office is more eficien ram and more faster. Thanks


Thanks for this blog. But, I think that the function is not as well as MS Excel. Maybe you can help me (I trying to use only OpenOffice now!).

In MS Excel, I am able to put two conditions for the SUMIFS, but not in OpenOffice. Is there a another function for that ? (Example : I want to do the sum of C1:C10 if A1:A10 = 10 and if B1:B10 = 7).

Can you help me ?

Thank you!


Hi Vincent,

I think you could use IF() within SUMIF() -- or perhaps vice versa -- to get the same functionality.

I don't understand how ? (I've try some possibility...)


Hi Vincent

You would group it like this. Use IF as the grouping function and then put in the test, then the sumif to do if it's true, and the sumif to do if it's false.


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