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August 10, 2009


Congratulations. Yours is a very focused site, with outstanding articles.

One use of Mail Merge I have not seen addressed is that of complex reports, which arise sometimes in evaluating feature-rich objects (land surveys, building inspections, medical checkups, security audits, etc.)

Those reports contain
1. generic text that explains data (definitions, context, etc)
2. the data (numeric, dates, text, graphics, ...) that must be imported
3. Input from a field expert, with comments specific to the imported data

These are different from mailing letters or labels because the emphasis is not in merging data into a simple document 40 times, but in merging once into a complex document data from 40 different sources (database tables, calc sheets, files), just prior to editing it.

Care to comment about this use sometime?


This is a very tedious procedure. And all these frames are not printable on my HP B/W inkjetprinter. I sincerely hope thate Open Office 3 will present us an efficient wizzard for all printing from Open Office software.


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