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May 18, 2009


Wonderful of the OOo staff to give us the Remove Hyperlink option on the context menu.


After years of asking and many requests by many people for a simple context menu option to "Paste Unformatted", it seems a bit silly to me that it still has not been implemented. Remove Hyperlink is nice, and I will use it about once every two months. Paste unformatted? I would use it a dozen or more times a day. Guess I should start teaching myself to program OOo extensions...

Yeah, paste unformatted would be very nice.

What would be REALLY nice is to add to the Customize Toolbar menu the ability to put things in the context menu. ;> I imagine this would be more complex.

Yes, that would be the best possible solution, however it is very complicated. There is actually a tutorial here: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Framework/Tutorial/Context_Menu_Interception

However, in order to do the tutorial, the reader is supposed to be able to program with UNO, and I am a long way from being able to do that.

To Paste Unformatted:

Use Paste Special (Ctrl + Shift + V) and choose Unformatted Text.

Yes, there are several ways to paste unformatted, including building your own macro, putting extra buttons on the toolbar, etc. Everythuing but that one method which would be the most convenient - putting it on the context menu.

I always enjoy your insight on the subjects you discuss. It is much appreciated! I hope you are moving to a place with a little more sunshine!


Thanks for posting this informative blog on features of OpenOffice.org 3.1. I think Replying to Notes,
Easier Accept/Reject of Changes and Removing Hyperlinks are some of the common features that are expected from a writing software. I am looking forward to more such informative postings from you.


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