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April 23, 2009


I like OpenProj a lot, and I use it all the time, though I note that since Serena acquired it, updates have stopped at least for now. It has some limitations compared with Project (and doesn't seem to read Project 2007 files) but by and large it has everything you might reasonably need to manage all but the very largest projects. Cross-platform compatibility is a giant plus.

I would welcome an "expert" book which would point out ways to do things (especially reporting) that are not obvious and which I won't discover on my own. OpenProj documentation is very sparse as it stands.

I do want to specify here that I'm talking about the free download version, not the pay-to-play online "Projity" version.

Hi Solveig.

I'm not an advanced user but OpenProj has been very useful for all my basic tasks. It can import/export Microsoft Project 2007 files without losing data; that's its most important feature for me.

How can I change the Gantt display from weeks to months. I have a project that is going to take a couple of years, and the default display is in weeks. I want to change the display to months, quarters or years. Can I do this and if so how? I note that on the help page the display is in months so I am thinking it must be possible.

I use Open Workbench and find it very good. I did try OpenProj but prefer Open Workbench from www.openworkbench.org/

While Open Workbench is without doubt a powerful tool, keep in mind (1) it works on a different project planning paradigm (duration vs. work; see their website for explanations) and (2) it is Windows only, a show-stopper for me.

OpenProj and Project use the same planning paradigm, if interoperability is important to you, as it is for me.

When I click, Tools-->Change Working Calendar, I can provide non-working time for entire project (by selecting Standard from combo box). There is no option available for changing the setting for Resources. If I want to do it, I should go to resources and select the resource and set accordingly. Instead it would be better once the resorce is added, this should be refleted in combo-box when any one choose Tools-->Change Working Calendar.

Sounds like a good suggestion, and something to emphasize in training. Thanks!

I have not tried Open Proj but I'm glad to see this is happening. I was at Fry's the other day possibly to buy a copy of the non-free tool and they wanted $599. I do not highlight cost as the most important thing but ouch! Lots of people will be looking for alternatives and they just might get a taste of freedom as well.

BTW, I'm listening to the TLLTS episode right now which inspired me to visit your blog. Keep up the good work!

I'm thinking of switching back to MS project. I just don't get the nag of OpenProj. Lack of expandibility also nags me a lot. My company probably will have to shell out 600 bucks anyway. Why isn't there a hosted version of Project? There's Sharepoint as a hosted services, but not Project...


I've been trying Open Workbench and OpenProj this evening. OpenProj is definitely the more intuitive and better looking program and seems to do everything I need, so I'll be sticking with that.

Corss platform is the major "killer" feature for me. Many others are still Win only.

An October 2007 review (http://www.infoworld.com/ifwclassic/weblog//tcdaily/archives/2007/10/preview_openpro.html) claims that OpenProj had automatic resource leveling, but it doesn't seem to, at least not now.

I like OpenProj...this program is very feature-rich, despite still being a beta. I really like the different ways of visualizing project development.

The tool is visually appealing and amazingly similar to MS-Project, which makes it easy to get used to. The ability to exchange data with MS-Project compatible tools and run in multiple platforms are strong points, too. What I miss most is automatic resource levelling, once the lack of it forces one into creating fake interdependencies among tasks, and this makes the whole plan a lot harder to maintain. It's really a pity, but multi-platform free project planning tools, such as OpenProj or Gantt Project, remain always a blessing to guys like me.

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