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April 02, 2009


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This was very usefull bau I also need to do sum different fields as in
"Quantity" + "UnitPrice" but the "+"-sign doesn't seem to work in this way. Can you tell me why and possibly how it should be done?
(ie: the table has six columns for different additional costs to each unit and I want to sum the costs so I know what each unit has cost in total)

Hi Bjorn,

I think the fields have to be the same data type to add together...or at least check the data types and be sure that they're both numeric. Are all six additional costs the same data type?

I just tested it and adding two decimals, two integers, an integer and a decimal, etc. all work fine.

Do you have a list of what functions can be used? I have something I'd quite like to concatenate, for example.

Hi Solveig,

I think I foumd the problem. It was that I have empty values instead of zero. Apparently 3+empty=empty (as do 3*empty).

It seems that I have to fill all my empty values with zeros but since
Cost=0 is not the same as "No cost yet", I would appreciate i there was a solution where I could leave cells empty in the form and still do the math.

I tried to up a image but failed so I put it here instead:

Hi Bjorn,

One thing you can do is (and this is a pain) do an IF statement for all your calculations, if result is not null then put in the normal solution, else 0.

Thanks Solveig. I think that'll work.

Thanks for the help.

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