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February 03, 2009


Bear with me as I don't save in Microsoft format often, but your post mentions "I just tested all of these on the standard 2.3 release." I don't know if this is an older re-post, or if you meant to say "recent Openoffice standard 3.0.1" or if the "2.3" is some Microsoft reference I might not understand.

Anyway, nice to see you experience good results if you export a PDF with the noted features. Should I assume this was a "plain" PDF and neither PDF/A-1 nor Tagged PDF tick boxex were required to get the result?

[[ off topic... have you noticed that Writer 3.0.1 no longer has the "check in all languages" tick box in the spell check vs 3.0.0? I don't know if this was intentional (nor, as a more rudimentary and single language user, do I understand implications.) I did email a FYI to OOo forum mod tutorial writer ) ]]

This appears to be a repost from November 2007. Does any of this apply oo 3.0.1

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I have had odd difficulties with OO 3 Writer and pasted graphics.

If I paste multiple graphics from the clipboard into a file (no options, just PASTE), then save the file as a Word DOC file and try opening it with Word, all the embedded bitmaps disappear.

Any ideas?

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