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February 16, 2009


Templates are terrific, and *thanks* for the tips on how to move my MS templates--especially those I've customized--to OOo.

Suggestion/request for the next templates blog: How to classify the OOo or MS converted or personal templates into the (apparently faked) directories/folders that OOo uses. I'd love to move some of the OOo templates into different categories, and add my own templates (e.g. business letters and invoices) to existing categories.



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Can I download these templates from http://rapid4me.com (rapidshare resource) or http://file.sh (torrent)?

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Hi. I am constantly working with Microsoft Office. Thanks for the tip. It helped me solve a problem today.
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I was looking for this kind of explanation for quite a while already, thanks for sharing.

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This is very informative and I need to duplicate the steps for my learning experience. However, I am working with my pastor on a new laptop that he is using for church documents and he doesn't want to purchase MS Office or Publisher which he had been using. I have not used Publisher and am new to Open Office, so we worked several hours today on getting used to the new laptop and various software issues. Is there any way to use MS publisher documents or templates directly in Open Office? Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you!

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Hi Blayne,

MS Publisher formats aren't compatible with any other application. To use the MS Office template, either follow the directions above or just do this: start OpenOffice, choose File > Open, find the MS template on your computer, and open it in OpenOffice. If you don't know where the template is, then open it in MS Word first, then choose File > Save, name it and note the directory, then you'll be able to open it in OpenOffice and use it.


I'd love to move some of the OOo templates into different categories, and add my own templates (e.g. business letters and invoices) to existing categories.

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