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January 15, 2009


Hi Solveig,

Although you made a special effort to add the note on the October 2007 page to say that tags were essential for the PDF links to work, I have not needed the tags. I'm at a loss for what they're for (the OOo help says nothing).

( note: that the note is not present on the "permalink" to this page, which is still pointing back to the un-corrected January 2006 )

For example, I mimicked what your example was. I took one of my existing Writer odt documents (20 pages of headings, text, links and pictures) and added an automatic linked table of contents (about a dozen entries) (your great instructions were essential - thanks!). It already had manual links within the document, and numerous internet links to outside web sites. Then I exported as PDF two versions, once with the tag box check marked, once without the check mark.

The pdf file with tags wss nearly twice the size of the one without tagged pdf output, but the internal and external links and TOC worked perfect in the small one, too. What am I overlooking?

I'm using OOo 2.3 and Foxit free reader (smaller and faster than Adobe). Any chance that Adobe is what needs the tags? Or, any chance it was something that older OOo needed but newer OOo either doesn't need or does by default without needing that particular box being checked? Or, although you had a Writer example, is it Impress or Calc or Base that need it?

It would be great to get away with sending 500 K files instead of 1 Meg :) Thanks for your help.

Hello again Solveig. I did find more on "pdf tags" and I guess it's mostly for accessibly, so that screen readers (for the vision impaired) can have a better idea of the "text flow" and table and form layout. I guess that also is related to just what the TOC links point to, etc. I guess it will also help read and edit pdfs if they have tags in them -- an editing feature OOo may get some day.

From what I read, in some cases the pdf tags are legally required.

Thanks for the tip.

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