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January 22, 2009


Hi Solveig,

Wonderful - you solved an ages old problem for me! My graphics were always jumping around in the document. I would print to PDF just to keep them nailed down in one spot. I love the option to automatically number the graphics in the caption dialogue box also (Illustration 1, Illustration 2, etc...)

Nice post.

Here is a related problem I frequently meet:
I sometimes add illustration on top of an image in Writer, similar to the callouts in your post: http://openoffice.blogs.com/openoffice/2009/01/making-illustrated-callouts-with-clip-art-from-the-gallery-and-the-openoffice-callout-drawing-tools.html

I noticed that the additional illustrations (the call out) moves with respect to the image (the parrot) once you change view from Web Layout to Print Layout and vice-versa. This completely mess the over picture, of course.

I suspect it is related to the anchors, but I'm not sure.

Maybe a post about that?

Any method for inserting graphic images into a mail merge? When I insert the image into the main document it is not reproduced in the merged document.


I cannot figure out how to type multiple lines to the right of the picture. I have gotten as far as right click, alignment, then base in middle, but at the point I only get one line of text. Any suggestions?


thanks - helped me

it would be *a lot* more useful if pictures were inserted 'anchored as character' as default; there is no way to set this :(

it would be *a lot* more useful if pictures were inserted 'anchored as character' as default

it would be *a lot* more useful if pictures were inserted 'anchored as character' as default

This was very helpful. I've been fighting 'rogue' images that drop outside the page margins... Anchoring as character put them in their place.

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