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December 01, 2008



A book was given to me a few years ago that I know "he" won't go wrong by giving to someone he cares about.

It's called "Together: Creating Family Traditions" by Davis & Oakes and is the perfect gift book for women you care about -- wife, Mom, Grandmother, sister, mom-to-be, friend, teacher, hostess. The purpose is to provide fun activities (crafts, recipes, ideas) that encourage family time together, making memories and leading to the start of some traditions.

The photography is beautiful as well as the words and ideas.

In your words -- she'll love it!

Happy Holidays,


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Giving books rather than other stuff is a great gift idea.Its very useful though...


nice of you.

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Oh! it seems your post, tackles a variety of topics about gift ideas. very interesting..I receive a book from a close friend and this is very useful to me. thanks for sharing!


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