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November 07, 2008


There's no way to print the notes in their context, like MS Word does?

Hi Ryan,

Unfortunately, no. Half a loaf at a time is the approach, I guess.

This is certainly an improvement, but printing the notes in context would be ideal!

Thanks for the quick response.

where are the notes on envelope production, when I try to print I get vertical printing on envelope instead of horizontal and yes I have checked and double checked settings

Is this the right link for envelopes?
Envelopes can be problematic. Yes. This is primarily because envelopes are not Letter or Legal. Each printer has its own approach to printing, and you'll need to do a little experimenting.

But you can do it. The Envelopes category and the Mail Merge category of my blog each has various approaches.


ODF News

Is there a way to change default formatting for all the notes in a document?


Is there a way to change default formatting for all the notes in a document, ideally by assigning a style??

And is there a way to search notes, either one by one or globally?

darn, i wanted to be able to print them in context as well. But this was pretty informative, thanks!

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