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September 08, 2008


Used this addon myself a few months back when preparing a slideshow for my kids graduation.

When adding a large number of images, I would make two recommendations that should make the users task easier and quicker.

1) Resize the images. Most digitial cameras today generate image files that are several Mb's in size. Using a tool like Imagemagick to automatically scale down the size of the images will make the editing process that much quicker once loaded into OO.

2) Rename the images to the order that you want them to appear in the presentation before loading them into OO. For example 0001.jpg 0002.jpg etc.

Trevor, excellent suggestions! Yes, definitely resize the photos before including them in the presentation. Renaming them is an excellent idea as well.


I just downloaded OOo today and was giving it the 'college try'.
I saw a mention of this tip on Denise's site, Family Matters - http://moultriecreek.us/family/?p=1212.

This is great! Is this feature in Powerpoint? Doesn't matter, I'm really getting into Impress and the whole OO suite.

I'll be frequenting your blog and website!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Does this work with OO 3.0? I get the "Add-on->Create Photo Album" in the pull down tool menu, but when I click nothing happens!

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