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September 11, 2008


Im fairly new to open office after using microsoft for years and the differences are driving me up the wall! I have a list of address labels I created a couple weeks ago and now I need to edit some of the addresses and add new ones. How do I get back to the window I used to enter the addresses in the first place to make changes?
Thank you

Just for fun I tested this on 2 different builds of oo 2.4 and the 3.0 oo binary (on Gentoo Linux) none of them work with the example above when connecting to a Postgresql database query using the PostgreSQL SDBC driver. Open office just wants the syntax: address2 EQ "" Not the path to the table. Which makes since there is allot you can mess up in typing the path to the table. Also I found that inputing the "section" info wrong results in a corrupt file that will not print or crashes wile printing. 2.4 builds crash when deleting section info. This may be the sun JRE 1.6.11 I did not test it with older Java. If you get the section info wrong on 2.4 just start over.

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