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September 01, 2008


I've just forcibly migrated a small department (6 people) to OpenOffice.org... they pretty much hate me right now. No specific gripes, just resistance to change.

I tried my best to make it easy for them. I converted their 2000+ documents, customized the menus to make it more familiar, and told them they can call me up any time for help.

Tomorrow I'm gonna show them a beta of Microsoft Office 12 – I'm hoping that when they see how weird that thing is, they'll be glad that they won't be using it!

Hi Euan,

>> I tried my best to make it easy for them. I converted their 2000+ documents, customized the menus to make it more familiar, and told them they can call me up any time for help.

Boy, it's hard to do more than that, isn't it? Most people have to deal with conversion on their own.

Which I guess brings us back to the "does it have anything to do with the software and is it just emotional/mental?" issue. To quote Princess Bride, I guess I'd say, "Yes, yes...some of the time."

Good idea to demo the weird stuff of Office 12. I wonder if there's anything else to do -- offer to let them use MS Office but make them pay for it themselves, or run all the virus stuff and other hassles themselves...? Is lifting the curtain on the administrative uglies of MS Office, and inviting users to share those responsibilities, a possible technique to really bring home the benefits of OOo?

What would make people *beg* for OpenOffice.org? Celebrity endorsements. I tell ya, it's time to get Oprah in on the project. ;>

1. When right-click doesn't work, Google. There's more info on the web than you can imagine, and you probably don't even have to be framing the question the "right" way to get your answer.

2. You can ave to .pdf RIGHT IN THE PROGRAM. Wouldn't you love to be able to send out a document that everybody could open, but that the well-meaning, but idiotic, couldn't alter?

3. If you're one of the people who learns better from books than from help files and Google (as I am), there are good books, such as NNNN (you're probably better than I at filling this blank, SH - although I'm waiting BREATHLESSLY for the 2.x Resource Kit, hint, hint). Download the software AND buy the book - and use the money you have left over from not buying MSOffice to indulge a few of your wicked, hidden, forbidden fantasies.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the tips! LOVE them, especially the aligning of OOo with the fulfillment of wicked fantasies.

Just check Amazon.com or bn.com to find all sorts of OpenOffice.org books.

By the way, I too am waiting breathlessly for the book. I am done with my part except for the index. It's my publisher who needs to get the book on the schedule to be proofed. Apparently there's the perception that OpenOffice.org books won't sell and so it's getting pushed down the schedule. We of course know it's going to ROCKET off the shelves. ;>

"September 1"?

Your blog date seems premature, although summers do seem to fly by. Or did some post-dated content slip out early. But, the comments are dated "June" and I suspect they're wrong, too.

(I'm reading this on 2008-08-03)

Something goofy in "blogger" or Typepad? Or your sytem clock?

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