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September 29, 2008


Thanks for the info. I am trying to use this feature for a mail merge with time card information. In the spreadsheet, I have formatted the "time" cells to be [HH]:MM. This tells me the total number of hours worked.

However, when I apply the same format to my data source, it adds 48 hours to the total.

Do you have any ideas how I might correct this?

Additional information:
The spreadsheet file has many spreadsheets. The spreadsheet used as my data source is "Index". The total hours worked column that is used in the mail merge is actually a link to the total cell on the worker's individual page.

Just got Open Ofc 3.0. How do you make a page of address labels. Not from a database. Just manually putting in addresses for Christmas cards for instance. This seems like a very basic task but help is not helping me out any. (The old way of doing it was to go to Tools and go down to labels and envelopes.)


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