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August 21, 2008


I have a question about the formatting of tables resulted from DataPilot. When I change the filtering option I lost the color of the cell I have setted. So if I want the color and formatting I can't change the analysis on the same table.
Can you help me?

Would love to get a screencast on this. This higher end solutions like goalseek, subtotals, Validation, detective are great when someone can see the whole process work.

I´ve a doubt. In MS Excel, i can save the "save data with table layout". The data from DB go to cache table.
Can I do it with OpenOffice? How can I do it if possible?


Very useful. Exactly what I needed.

I should note that I imported data from an Excel spreadsheet into OpenOffice, and could not get the pivot table feature to work. It turned out that the conversion had caused the data values to be a text field, which of course would not sum or average. So I had to convert the text numbers into number numbers. Then it worked 4.0.

See http://www.ambience.sk/open-office-text-number-format-conversion for a simple way to do this.

how could i repeat the rows data in datapilot

Hi, thanks for the understandable step-by-step instructions!

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