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June 26, 2008


This normally makes a lot of sense, and indeed using hard returns and tabs to indent text is very ugly.

However, what to do when a paragraph ends up with one or two words at a new line? I tend to
- (if it is a very short word) extend the margin so the one word still fits on the previous line, or
- use a soft return at the end of the last full line so that it becomes a bit shorter and the last line at least has three words.

Needless to say that if a font is replaced as per your example, this will look as ugly as that example.

Any other suggestions? This would need a kind of widow/orphan control on paragraph level instead of page level.

Hi Erwin,

You're absolutely right. See Format > Paragraph, Text Flow tab for widow/orphan control. As for having a paragraph that has just a word or two on the next line, I personally think the tradeoff in maintenance work versus the minor unattractiveness makes it OK to let this happen and not worry about the soft returns. You might try turning on hyphenation (or off) or messing around with full versus left justification to see if that gives you better results without having to change margins or add soft returns.

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