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May 26, 2008


Did you know that in OOoWriter it's possible to write directly your formulas just as in LaTeX, without opening a formula window ?

I discovered that at random some years ago when i accidently let my mouse selectionning an area an I sent Crtl M on it, then I got a formula full of ?? but I discovered that it worked !

1. Create a shortcut Ctrl M in tools customize keyboard insert formula (the second which is under) modify Ok

2. Type your code directly in OooWriter ex : 2 over 3

3. Select your code in the text

4. Press Ctrl M and enjoy !


Fred Juan DIAZ
diaz_frederic "at" openoffice.org

Hi Fred,

Great tip! I have definitely encountered a few LaTeX fans and they will be happy to hear this. Thanks! I'll blog on it directly too.

I accidently closed the little shortcut window and when i reopen the insert formula function and now it's not appearing anymore...
How can i reopen the little shortcut window?

While you're editing a formula, go to View > Selection, the little window with buttons should appear again. Hope it's what you'r looking for.

This is nice, but what would be far more useful to most users would be a way to do a find and replace on manual line breaks. For example, to find all manual line breaks and replace them with two line breaks to make all text double-spaced.

Or, to replace all line breaks with special text, such as xltc, so you could later replace that text with hard or soft line line breaks.

The failure of this function to be in OO, is a major shortcoming. Fortunately, on a Mac, I can do it in the TextEdit application. If it gets much better, we won't need OO anyway.

great post!


I am getting difficulty to handle superscript,subscript and making characters normal again. it is very time consuming,if i do it through mouse.so i want to use shortcuts for this......So plz tell me shortcuts for these.

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