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April 14, 2008


i need to create a graph. i want to display the x-axis and y-axis grids only selectively. meaning every 3rd or 4th grid line should be displayed not all. also is there any way to change the color of only one particular grid line.


Hi Niraj,

To change the color of just one bar (not grid line), you can double-click the chart, click on the bar area, and click again on the individual bar to change. Right-click, choose Object Properties, then Area tab. I don't think you can selectively change grid line color; you'd have to just draw a new grid line using the drawing tools and put it on top.

Or paste the whole chart into Draw, right-click, choose Break, then select the grid lines you want to delete, and the one you want to re-color. See this entry.


this is a very useful blog! I wonder if you know the answer to my question. I'm exporting Calc files to PDF from OpenOffice and I would like to display the grid lines in the exported PDF file. Any idea how to turn them on?


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