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April 28, 2008


It would be really nice if we could set the option "regular expression" as the default. I use it most of the time, and it would be easier for me if I only needed to uncheck it the few times I don't want it, instead of having to check it almost every time I search and replace. As it is now, it gets automatically unchecked every time I close the search-and-replace window. Strange, isn't it?

Do you know any trick that can accomplish that?

I seem to be having trouble with this in OO 2.4. Have they changed the rules here?

The Help file says:
"Only finds the search term if the term appears at the end of a paragraph. Special objects such as empty fields or character-anchored frames at the end of a paragraph are ignored. Example: "Peter$". "

Which would appear to be different from what you give in your example.

Dollar sign seems to find all characters when I use it. Frustrating.

Any help appreciated.

Hi Jeff,

I checked and it works the same in 2.4. "Bob$" found Bob at the end of a paragraph but not Bob Jane .

Are you checking the Regular Expressions checkbox and no others, after you click More?


Wow, this is frustrating. Using the instructions described above, I can easily find all tabs or all carriage returns in my document.

But when I want to search for only those places where a carriage return is followed by a tab, or where two carriage returns appear in a row, it does not find them at all.

So if I enter "$" into the Find box, with Regular Expressions checked, it works. But if I enter "$$" it doesn't. Any suggestions? This is the function I need MOST as an editor, to be able to take out people's manual "double space" returns, not not ALL returns, and also not ALL tabs, but only the initial ones users have stuck onto new paragraphs.

FYI, I am actually using NeoOffice 2.2.5 for Mac, but so far everything has been the same. Thanks in advance for your help!

I want to search excell for the square box which represents carriage return how do I do this? Mnay Thnkas

Hi Aaron,

Just search for a carriage return as described here, in Calc.

How do I search for, say, a comma and repalce it with a paragraph mark?

I put a "," in the "Search for" box, and a "^$" in the "Replace with box", but it does not work.


Hi Al,

This is tricky -- you put different symbols in the Replace With field than the search field (see above) even for the same thing

Search for this to find the comma literally, put a slash in front of it
Replace with this to signify carriage return.

and turn on the Regular Expressions checkmark under the More button.

Does not work:

- Searching for "/," cannot find the commas.

If I take the slash out, it does find them but then replaces them with "/n" not a carriage return.

Checking the "Regular Expression" does not seem to make a difference.



Hi Al,

I'm sorry it's not working -- I tested it myself that way this morning.

Well, back slashes ( "\" ) rather than forward slashes worked...


I'm nearly in tears over this. This is totally the best page on the net about searching and replacing in OO on the net, yet it doesn't answer my question. I need to find a way to search for multiple carriage returns, and none of your examples will do it, not even in regular expressions. The problem is that RE's have a way to represent the beginning of a line, but not a CR itself. A soft CR doesn't count here. Can you please help me? I can't even find a way to put in a bug report or a suggestion in the titanic OO site, which seems to complex for any mere mortal to use.

Dear desperate users of OO, I've just solved one of the problems that was making me crazy, so I'd like to share my experience with other users. I'm working with subtitles and I needed to replace one "enter" with the "|" character and two "enters" with one "enter". Although it was an easy task in Microsoft Word, I didn't know how to do the same in OO. After reading many internet discussions and trying out different tips I found the following: First, replace all end lines (the dollar sign) with "|" (Find: $, Replace: |). You will get a text, where one "enter" has been replaced with "|" and two enters with "|" and "enter". Now, you don't want to have "|" at the end of the line, so put ".$" (dot and dollar sign) into the "find" box and leave the replace box free. You will get the text you want. Hard work it was but I'm happy I have found the solution... Good luck to all users!

Jana, and others, please try this plugin. It's awesome, lets you look for a series of empty paragraph returns, or a carriage return at the end of a paragraph plus one empty return, and MUCH much more.


Download then choose Tools > Extension Manager to install. Restart OOo and you'll see a new icon in the upper left corner on the main toolbar.

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