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March 10, 2008


Wonderful! Thank you - I don't know that I'd have stumbled on this myself, and now I'll use it every day... what a joy to have all that in one dialog, instead of fishing around inserting a footer, then a page number, then aligning it, and still being stuck with the thing on page 1 ;-)

Thanks again!


Isn't it great? Another reader, also named Mike, actually tipped me off to it. And of course thanks to Charles for writing it.


thank you for your very valuable tip on page numbering, i am a newbie in using openoffice. may i request for further assistance please? i cannot install pagination-1.3.5.oxt, there is a system dependencies check that says the extension cannot be installed as the following system dependencies are not fulfilled: openoffice.org.2.3. please help. thanks!

It can't make it assign number 1 to second page and so on... that sux. This should be an easy task.

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