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March 13, 2008


Hi, I always read your blog but don't comment. Anyway, about your "I clearly need to do better at publicizing my own blog" I agree. Since the content of the blog are the king (or queen ;-) ).
Your blog require an urgente "extreme make over". Maybe customizing a wordpress template or a new typepad template, delete almost all the left column and organize all the tags in a cloud will help to focus in the content, that lie between two overcrowed columns.
In fact you can add some tabs (About me, Links & Archive) and just put all your very well written post along with a tag cloud and "add a comment".
I think that will invite the readers to read and comment more. Do not fear the empty spaces!
Best wishes and RSS to you ;-)

Actually, I hope that you don't ruin the wonderful, clean page layout with a 'makeover'. You should publicize yourself more. I only yesterday found this site by googling Open Office bookmarks. I immediately signed up for the RSS feed. I'll stumble this post now, so you should see some traffic, but make sure that you advertise to increase traffic, and don't ruin the wonderfully clean layout.

Thanks! I'm going to hit fsdaily and of course the big ones harder...might do more reposting of some of the ones that really were useful.


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