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March 12, 2008


I really like what you've been doing with this blog, OO.o is complex and full of features and it's wonderful to see the tips and howto's that have been posted.


P.S. Added you to our Links section.

Hi Ross,

Thanks! Sometimes I feel like I'm in a tour guide in a city where there is really cool stuff, but sometimes the street names change or you have to make a Uturn unexpectedly. So everybody just goes to Branson and pays way too much for their entertainment instead. ;> (It's still early, my analogies are a little funky before the first cup of tea.)


Btw, I've got an upcoming blog on how to create booklets from Writer documents. It's scheduled down the line a week or two.
I'm trying to create a cookbook in Writer, and this is exactly what I have been looking for, but haven't been able to find it on here. Did you ever post a "how to"?

Hi pfirsch,

Try this entry.



Thanks, Solveig!

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