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February 04, 2008


I read this and thought: wait... That could be a macro!

So, the steps to making the Enter key, all by itself, go to the next row, first column:

1. Go to the Tools menu -> Macros -> Record Macro

2. Press Enter on the keyboard, press Home on the keyboard, then click the little "Stop Recording" button in the window that has come up.

3. A window titled "OpenOffice.org Basic Macros" will come up. Change the Macro Name to something (I called mine NextRowFirstColumn) and click the Save button

4. Go to the Tools menu -> Customize...

5. Select Enter under Shortcut Keys

6. Go to bottom of the Category list under Functions and click the plus sign by OpenOffice.org Macros, then find the folder your macro is in

7. Select the macro you just recorded in the Function list

8. Click Modify

et voila! Enter should now take you down and all the way to the left.

I wouldn't have thought of the idea of a macro if I hadn't seen this blog post, and I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you Al!

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