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December 03, 2007


This answer and the linked bug solve nothing. I want an externally exported CSV to be inserted just like an HTML table, because a csv file posted under same location is how my bank makes current exchange rates available. Opening a local file is no solution at all, I'd have to manually download csv from the bank every hour or so and re-open it - idiotic.

I had the problem with both:
Open Office 1.13 (on XP and Win Me)
Open Office 3.0 (on XP)

"Insert > External Data" would not work with a .txt file exported from an ACT! database. I changed the extension to '.csv' as suggested on another page. It would identify every column correctly in the preview window, but 'ok' would be grayed out in the external data window. The above comment to use "Insert > sheet from file" worked just fine.

Thanks, that works. I was having trouble with the latest dev version linking to a txt file, but the above suggestion works.

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