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November 09, 2007


Two of those bugs go all the way back to 2003. Makes me happy that I don't have these issues. I guess that issues like this are a small price to pay for the value return from OO.org.

I'd be curious about a comparison between the official build and the Novell version found here:

They state the following about their version:

"Enhanced Support for Microsoft Office File Formats

OpenOffice.org supports import and export of established Microsoft Office file formats, even taking advantage of geometrically compatible fonts to match document length. In addition, OpenOffice.org Novell Edition ensures compatibility between the Open Document Format (ODF) and Open XML, Microsoft's new document format for Office 2007. Transparent document sharing makes OpenOffice.org the best choice for customers who are deploying Linux desktops in a mixed Linux/Windows environment."

The Novell version is available for Windows as well. (Link is on the right side of the page linked to above.)

Hmm....good point, it would be interesting to compare:
- regular openoffice and the new MS Office
- the Novell OpenOffice and the new MS Office


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