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October 25, 2007


Awesome post. I am not a heavy calc user but I know many people that are. I would like to do some presentation forms of this topics since this features really need more exposure.

BTW, how are you doing on the podcast. I know many people would love a tutorial like this or even a screen cast.

I would recomend checking the Linux Reality podcast that usually run through different Linux applications and some even create screen cast of them.

Thank's for the article, it's very helpful for newbie like me.

Other thing that I don't get it clearly is: how to change default font in Open Office Calc.

Appreciate if anyone could inform me.

To change the default font in Calc:

Select Format > Styles And Formatting. In the window that opens highlight 'Default' then right-click and select 'Modify' from the pop-up context menu.

A settings window will appear. Click the 'Font' tab and you will be able to change the default font.

Click 'OK' and your changes will be saved.

Take a look through the other tabs too. There are many settings that you can customize.

When you first right-click in the 'Styles and Formatting' window you can also choose 'New' and create an entirely new style, and save it with the name of your choosing. Very handy if you do a lot of conditional formatting.


I didn't know if I can "right-click" that part....
Problem solved now :)
Thank's a lot.

I have an almost similar problem...
is it possible to change the highlight color of a cell when it is in focus?? We set the background color of our cells in gray to make it a bit pleasing to the eye but it made the cell currently in focus difficult to locate heheheh...
Hope you could help...
Thanks so much in advance ;)...

Hi Felipe,

You might try Tools > Options > OpenOffice.org > Appearance.


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