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October 15, 2007


More information here about OOo Novell & Excel Macro :

VBA support threw emulation on OOo will arrive on 2.4 , check here :

Best regards.

At work we had a time logging application written in Excel. I switched to the Novel version because it had VBA support. The application almost worked. The biggest problem is that it doesn't support Forms.

Unfortunately when I saved my changes to an xls my boss's Windows Scripting Host script could no longer read the file. (It said it counldn't find any sheets.)

So for simple VBA scripts, like custom formulas, the Novel version or the build from go-oo.org (what I use now) should be fine.

I don't know about converting to OOo format, but the Novell version does run Excel macros. I have it installed on one of our computers.

It is free to download from Novell, but you have to register your details IIRC.

I asked Novell some questions about it at the time of downloading, this is part of one of the replies I received:
"The OpenOffice Novell Edition is available for free download. The license terms for certain proprietary third party technologies that come with OpenOffice Novell Edition do not allow redistribution."

If I remember later I will look at whether it will convert macros too.


VBA macro running capability of OOO NE (ooo-build) gets better and better. Note also you can use OxygenOffice Professional that has same ability because it is uses some part of ooo-build. It comes in Windows and Linux version.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the info on macros, I appreciate it. Good to hear that the handling capability is out there and about OxygenOffice professional.

So if you're working with macros in Excel, check out the builds mentioned here and see if it addresses at least a critical mass of your issues.


I have been trying to d/l the Novell version of OpenOffice.org. however every time it shows some error.
Can it be downloaded from any other website ??
Please suggest if any

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