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September 19, 2007


Solveig, is there a way to help OO.o remember your sort criteria from sort to sort? I have one or two particular spreadsheets I resort every few days to every week. I've noticed that OO.o sometimes remembers what I want, and sometimes I have to respecify all the criteria. No, I haven't yet been observant enough to figure out a pattern.

very useful tips, just what I was looking for

Awesome tutorial Solveig, I definetly want to do a video tutorial out of this. Expect the youtube soon.


Include the URL of this post, if you would. Have fun! I look forward to seeing it.


Hi Bill,

Sorry for the delay. I'm afraid I haven't noticed any sort of way to make OOo remember the criteria and/or what makes it do it when it does.


Hey Bill

I think that you should make a macro to automatize your work. In this way you will speed up you work significantly.

Hello Solveig,

I never had a problem sorting my data in the OO spreadsheet until recently.
Instead of the usual numeric sorting I expected, it sorted my table alphanumerically.
I didn't find where to pick the sort type criteria from,

I appreciate your help,


Hi Dave,

Select all the data and choose the headings, then choose Data > Sort and select the column to sort by. Click OK.

If that doesn't work, select the columns of numbers and choose Format > Cells, Number tab. Be sure they're the right format such as Currency or Number.

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