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September 19, 2007


What is interesting is the hefty RAM requirement for this suite. When it was first released the minimum requirements we listed as 1GB of RAM. It has since been reduced to 512MB. However, that is still quite a bit higher that OOo's 128MB minimum requirement. I'll stick with OpenOffice.org, thank you very much.

Also, on another note, I'm surprised I couldn't find any refer on your blog to Google offering StarOffice for free as part of their Google Pack.

I agree, Sun is not a company that had scaled on markeitng their products. Is so odd since they are just a few steps away from apple which has the best marketing ever. They haven't got that they are doing software for the general people.


I used to fantasize about Apple buying Sun. THEN we'd see some killer marketing (and insane fans waiting in line to download the latest StarOffice ;> ).


Hi Scott,

RAM requirements are kind of like listing your weight or body type on dating sites...some peopel are honest, some people fudge a little bit. One would have to see them operating side by side, I think.

I'm surprised, myself, that I didn't mention the Google pack on my blog....perhaps in passing reference embedded deep inside or in an article since I have a memory of writing a little about it. ;> I'll remedy that.

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