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September 27, 2007


You mean all those second sheets with collating sequence tables carefully entered and looked up on the primary sheet to sort on indices instead of words wasn't necessary?!?

Thanks! I'll remember this the next time I do one.

Hi Bill,


I'm sure your second sheets with collating sequence tables were lovely.


I have a problem sorting multiple rows [across] using Sort > Data menu. It only sorts the 1st row but not the rest.

before sorting-
row 1= 89, 90, 2, 23
row 2= 9, 34, 20, 90

after sorting-
row 1= 2, 23, 89, 90
row 2= 20, 90, 9, 34

How can i sort multiple rows?

Also pictures are not sorted, which sucks.

Hi Josh,

Sorry for the enormous delay. Did you select all the rows and under the Options tab in the sort window, indicate whether you had headings or not?



I need help please. I have searched and searched to no avail. How can I set the column headers to Sort By when clicked on?

Without having to select the entire data-range and go through the Data--> Sort-->, etc.

Thank you in advance.


Good post!!

Hi, How do I go about sorting time?
I have...
15/3/10 1.15pm
15/3/10 11.30am
15/3/10 2.15pm
I'm sorting by date and then by time but I would like am to come before pm.
Will I have to resort to 24hour time?

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