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August 19, 2007


Sorry, Solveig - dead link!

Man, not sure what happened there. It's good now, thanks.



I can see where your subject could be well suited to video, but please don't slight the audio format.

As well as tips and tricks to OOo, I would be interested in news and information about how OOo is being used and integrated into businesses. It would not need to be a long show if you could provide show notes that would point us to full stories and if you have a tip that needs video, or pictures you could point us there through the show notes.

I will subscribe as soon as you tell me where to sign up.

(Move a bit closer to the mic, that will help with your audio fullness and try to get an external mic. That sounded like a mic on a laptop which is why you have all the other noise in there.)

I am an avid listener to podcasts and vidcasts. This are some of the solutions:

- Libsyn
Premier company to host podcasts, is easy to set up have stablish plugins with wordpress and others and provide also it's own portal to host the mp3.

Cons: Not very OGG friendly.

- Talkshoe
Talkshoe is great if you want to take live calls and listeners can either listen on talkshoe or call you up during live broadcast.

Cons: Somewhat Windows exclusively. Have heard problems on publishing mp3s (time wise) and support is also not inmediate.

- Podshow, BluBrry, EarthMusicNetwork, PodcastPickle.
Networks are good way to republish your work which can make your podcast more popular.

Cons: You loose control who is listening where.

- Podtrack
Great solution to track your listeners and even get some analytics on them.

- Stickam and UStream
Great way to republish and record your shows, take chats and even communicate with users via other channels. I think this is a great solution.

Cons: Bandwith intensive since is video, and you share the bandwith with other broadcasters.

- Get a microphone that do encoding to digital on the microphone (avoid analog signal to get on the laptop/desktop).

- Gizmo to record conversations or Skype Pro with Skypecasts.

- Get a mixer in order to balance the different quality.

- Digital recorder to do 'on the field' recordings.

Hi Dpeach,

Thanks for the help! I did have the mike on a laptop; I cannot yet, in the name of all that is holy, bully my desktop into recording. I'll need to create a better place for the recording.

Thanks for the ideas on what to do for audio.



Wow!! That is a host of info. Thank you so much, I'm grateful for your help and comments.


hi Solveig
You can chack some ideas for your page, from this page.
Best Regards from Mexico

Hi Ramon,

Thanks! I appreciate the tip.


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