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August 16, 2007



Just a quick email about office. I recently got a version of office 2007 and to be honest it looks good but for me it seems to be a difficult to work with becuase i got used to working with office 2003/2000. I recently changed jobs from a company with 200,000 employees to another one in financial services of equal size, both multinational. I think that if you want open office to succeed, especially in the financial world, you have to give the power to users to program it. Excel and office has vba behind it, but you have to use c++ to optimize performance. I think that if open office uses a programming language to automate tasks (preferably c++ or java) and make it relatively easy to build applications on it, or to just automate some things, then you will have a chance to beat office in the financial services arena, because vba and c++ for excel are simply just not good enough.

Hi AK,

I think the OpenOffice.org macro programming language provides a lot of power; have you looked at it and tried to do what you need?


Actually, this is not a comment. I cannot have writer's tools enabled in my openoffice 2.0.

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