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July 31, 2007


Hi, it really depends on your needs. I mean you can do easy desktop sharing over the internet by doing VNC. However the problem is that if you are in a big company they might probably use some a firewall to block the port.

You also have solutions like NoMachine.com which is NX tools to share your distribution. You get to choose if you want actual management of the desktop or just view-only and asign different passwords regarding the level.

We use vino (from gnome) on conferences because that allow us to have a well bright room. No more dark presentators.

Also depends on the audience, and the network, if you are sharing your screen over the internet with 10 different people, this might have a heavy load on your network trafic. So it might be detrimental while Go to My PC seem to take that load away from you.

Finally there are also pre-recorded sessions which you can us 'recordmydesktop' and upload them to youtube.


Thanks! I'll look into that.

There's also the possibility that I simply ask Linux users to scrounge up a Windows laptop or desktop to work on....though of course I'd rather find a Linux solution.


Solveig, check out WebHuddle and Vyew. Also check out the HP Virtual Rooms and WebEx; I think one or both may have Linux compatibility. See http://facilitatedsystems.com/weblog/2007/07/we-must-be-doing-something-right.html for a link to David Woolley's site, which has a wealth of information.

Hi Bill,

Thanks! Sounds like just what I need.


Check TightVNC ( http://www.tightvnc.com/ ) it has enhancements for windows to improve it's speed as the source of the screen share.

Also clicking on the VNC related software ( http://www.tightvnc.com/related.html ) has links to several VNC related software packages that allow proxying (specifically look at vnc reflector) which will reduce the load on the source system by putting the load to the proxy to handle all the clients.

Hi Edward,

Thanks, I'll check it out!

(Just guessing from your last name that you've got some ancestry that's as Norwegian as mine.)


Hi Solveig,

Yugma is a cross-platform solution that works like a snap with Linux as well as Mac and Windows. We're also completely free when hosting up to 10 people! Check us out at http://www.yugma.com


Hi Austin,

Thanks, I'll check it out! "Works like a snap" sounds appealing.


Here is a quick resource that might point you in the right direction:


PS: WebEx uses Active X (IE: Internet Explorer). I haven't tried Active X under Firefox; allegedly it exists.

Hello Solveig,

Things are VNC and NX are great unless you want to teach more than one person. That's why Yugma sounded attractive to me when I read the suggestion from Austin at Yugma -- so I went ahead and tried it. Sadly, the desktop sharing functionality, which you would need, doesn't currently work with Linux. Too bad. Looks like an interesting and attractive product.

-- Marcel (Writer and Free Thinker at Large) Gagné

From the looks of things, Zoho Meeting (meeting.zoho.com) works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. A friend of mine has used it and likes it a lot, and you can't beat the price.

A quick check of the FAQ for Zoho Meeting seems to indicate you have to have Windows if you're the presenter. They are working to extend that to the Mac; they make no mention of extending that to Linux.

I don't know which of the others have similar restrictions, but I have seen it in other tools, too.

Hi Roy, Bill,

Thanks for the tips. I *might* be OK with being on Windows as presenter if it turns out to be the best....though the icons are so different that this would be a disadvantage for some clients.

Hi Marcel,

I definitely do want to teach more than one person; I'm envisioning mass free webinars, slightly less mass classes, plus of course tutoring. Too bad about Yugma.

NLX, thanks for the link!


I'm sorry to answer so late.
Just have a look at iTALC - Intelligent Teaching And Learning with Computers at http://italc.sourceforge.net which is FOSS.
By the way, I love your blog !


Thanks! I'll check it out.

I was checking out the web just today with a similar question and ran into a java based solution. From the looks of it, it would do what you want, and the clients only would need a java based browser:


I will see if I can check it out myself, but if anyone has any experience....

Just checked it out, had some issues with the plugin, but, on my MEPIS box, in combination with KDE remote desktop sharing, this works GREAT!!!!

Thought you might wanna know....


"dimdim’s mission is to become the leading provider of open source web meetings"



Solveig ..indeed gotomeeting.com is a great tool for conferencing solutions....But regarding its Linux and Unix compatibility its http://www.gomeetnow.com which might servers your needs better. It provides multi-functional web conferencing for PC & Mac. Its universal attendance technology ensures that everyone can join the meeting with NO DOWNLOAD whatsoever, supporting attendees on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, or iPhone. Can also be used for remote PC access.

Thanks, I'll check it out! So far the pricing looks reasonable....I have tried zoho and spreed but with some glitches.


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