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July 16, 2007


Thanks! This was just what I needed. The steps are very easy to follow and understand. Thanks for taking the time to write this tutorial on Open Office and drop down lists.


Do you now how to make the drop down list depend on another one?

As if I have a drop down list: fruits,veggies, dairy

And for each of those options I have, for example for fruits: oranges, bananas, tangerines..


Hi an1ta,

I'm afraid this feature doesn't have couhat capability. You use a dropdownlist for the first one, then perhaps use the IF function if you have some logic that you can display directly.


On another sheet type up your list.
Data -> Define Range, and name the range something easy to remember.
Then on your first sheet, highlight the column you want to use the list lookup.
Data -> Validity, set Allow to Cell Range, for Value set it to the name of the Range you created earlier.

i need to ADD the single elements contained in a single cell, placing the outcome in
another cell.

i have named from a to z, 26 cells. Each cell contains a number from 1 through 26.

Then in a column (column a named "Words") i have input words (eg "word", without the quote marks) composed of various letters established in the 26 cells named above.

The objective is to aggregate the numbers associated with the specified letters composing a given word (eg "word") that is located in a cell.

My question is how does one create a formula that captures the number of letters in the cell containing the word, then interpolating a plus sign ("+") between each letter in the word, then dropping the sum in the formulating cell.


Thanks for this, it was exactly the information I needed.

Big help ^^ Thankies!

Just a quick note to say thanks :)

Can I create a drop down list with list item in any language (preferable malayalam) in open office calc?

Hi Satheeshr,

Absolutely, just type it in whatever language you want, or else reference a range of cells typed as you like.

Can we add dropdown in several fields or in one or two only?if i want to add more?

I've been having an issue with the drop down lists-- anything with more than 15 or 16 entries, after it's been saved, the entries seem to disappear. Is there a limit on the amount of items in a drop down list? I need to be able to do about 40 or so...

thanks, i didnt even need to read the whole thing... you pointed me exactly where i need to go. thanks!!

Thank you very much for this tutorial. I was stumped.

Can i select drop down list values from any other column in the same sheet. For eg: I need to keep create a template of all the cities in a country and a drop down will be that way. I dont want to add one by one, All i need is there is a column with all the names of the cities, I just need to get those values for the drop down list.


Hi Waleed,

Yes, instead of list, use the range of cells option.

Is There A way for the drop down list to get data from a database table?

Hi Ali,

Not using this approach. (Unless you used a data pilot to get the data in from the database, then referenced that section.) More traditionally you would use a form in Writer (create a new Writer doc, use the Form toolbars to add a dropdown list, then link to a database table).

I don't think I have a specific blog entry about that but this will get you started on just creating the dropdown list. Then instead of typing data from the dropdown list you'd reference a field with an appropriate array (?) of data...which I'm a little fuzzy on currently.

Great help, thanks for all your effort.

I'm unclear if this question has been asked/asnwered, so I'll post it.
Problem: I need to created a spread sheet with drop down menus that will reference other parts of the file. For example, Sheet 1, "Unit Data," needs pull down menus for rank, and each piece of equipment the unit member has.
Sheet 2 list the various ranks and info about them.
Sheet 3 list uniform/clothing data.
Sheet 3 list side arm data.
Sheet 4 list primary weapon data.
Sheet 5 list secondary weapon data.
Sheet 6 list other equipment data.

Question: Can you tell me how to make it so that the drop down menus in sheet 1's options will be connected to the items on the other sheets?

What is the keyboard shortcut for the dropdown created in validity? Like we have Alt+down arrow key in excel.

Ravin, the standard down arrow works for me.

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