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May 16, 2007


I've been experimenting every which way to suppress extra sheets when I'm printing and making PDFs, but all I manage to do is waste time and get lots of extra blank pages (i've gotten as far as hiding cells when printing).

I'm using OOO 2.2.1 on linux and win2k and I have checked both boxes in the tools>options>calc>print dialog as you've suggested.

AND STILL, i get the second sheet that I don't want to print.

Naturally, I _expect_ whatever I have to do to suppress those extra pages to also keep them out of exported PDFs.

And, why-o-why is there not an options tab for PDF options? (I have discovered through trial and error that the toolbar button uses whatever PDF settings were last used from the menu option, but that's a pretty obtuse interface...)

Why are PDFs on linux larger than on win2k? (type 1 fonts are not subsetted, for starters...running the files through ps2pdf subsets those fonts and gets the files to roughly the same size as pdfs generated from windows...)

Why isn't the PDF options dialog able to estimate final file size? And why does it have to be after the filename dialog, where it's harder to find?

PDF exporting is great, but boy-oh-boy do I suffer for it...

Upon further experimentation, it seems that fiddling with Format>Print Ranges for the two sheets achieved what I wanted...the ability to print/export one sheet but not the other.

Print ranges on both sheets: both get printed/exported regardless of tools>options>oocalc>print settings.

Print ranges on neither sheet: same as above, options setting has no effect.

print range defined on one sheet but not the other: print/export is only the defined print range.

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