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April 04, 2007


For organizations transitioning to OpenOffice.org, our company offers an enterprise management solution that allows OpenOffice.org to be installed and managed using Windows Group Policy. We also provide technical support to help customers solve their OpenOffice.org configuration requirements.

There is more information available on our web site at http://OpenOfficeTechnology.com

Thanks! It's good to know there are companies out there supporting OpenOffice.

If your clients need training, please consider pointing them my way. ;>


A friend of mine is the IT manager of an organization that switched from MS Office to openoffice - and who are very happy with it.

To thoroughly test any compatibility issues for existing documents, they set up three computers: 1 for each of the two versions of MS Office that people were using previously and one running openoffice.

This allowed them to open any document that caused problems, to see what the issues were.

And while they did find compatibility issues, they found more divergence between the two MS Office versions, than they found between MS Office and openoffice.

Hi Alex,

Great tip! Thanks. It bears emphasizing that there are definitely conversion issues between different versions of MS Office.


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