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April 30, 2007


Hi there,

This site popped up my radar screen and wonder what it really is all about and whether it could be part of your upcoming month?

OxygenOffice Professional (OOOP or O2OP)

Are these templates worth going after by d/l there program and installing?


Hi Mark,

I'm afraid I'm not famiiliar with this site--thanks for pointing it out to me, though.


Hi Mark,

While opening any xls or excel format saved file it displaying an pop up window like Text Import

Import Character set,row.

Separator Options


Is there any option to avoid just sort of pop ups.

Sridhar Rao

Hi Sridhar,

That window always pops up for delimited text files, it has to so you can tell it the type of delimiter (comma ,tab), etc.

A different window pops up for files that it can't read, like PDFs or possibly Publisher files. If you open a .doc or .xls in proper format then it will just open.

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