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March 28, 2007


Thanks for such a warming post.

Thanks for your kind comment. I like to think that enough public opinion and peer pressure can change behavior. It's happened before; it can happen again.

Thumbs up!

I've seen it occasionally on IRC; where one person is being nasty and when you say something they answer that its none of my concern. I always explain that it is, someone hitting on, pissing on, or otherwise being socially immature is a problem of society and *you* are also part of that. So everyone should speak up when there is one that thinks the rules don't apply to him.

Thanks Solveig, very good initiative!

Exactly; some people have an independent frontier everyone-can-do-what-they-want attitude but that's not true. You can't. Society has zillions of rules for behavior, and refraining from threatening torture and rape definitely falls within those rules. So we need to enforce these social rules online, since we already do in normal interactions. If people still claim they need some sort of outlet, then they can go online to SecondWorld or whatever it's called and set up a TortureVille city where everyone expects it.

I think this is, kind of, another example of ethics not keeping up with the technology. People who would not walk up to Kathy or Michelle or Jeff in person and threaten to slit their throats or kidnap their children feel fine about doing it online.

Right now I'd mostly just like to go up to Kathy's house, tuck her under my arm, bring her back and make her pancakes and cocoa and talk girltalk at her until she starts to feel normal again. ;>

Thanks for the kind words about my post. It burns me up to see what is happening to someone I consider a friend...

>> Thanks for the kind words about my post. It burns me up to see what is happening to someone I consider a friend...

You're a sane, well-reasoned voice.

I just went up to see her and she's actually handling it all pretty well. The funny thing is, everyone (BBC, etc.) keeps looking for what could have set these people off, and of course, we have no clue. Is it her positive, encouraging attitude? Her insightful, well-researched information? Her controversial recommendation of container-managed over bean-managed persistence? ;>

And as we've seen it is by no means just Kathy. Nasty people make horrible attacks on innocent people every day.

What ribbon should we wear for Stop Cyber Bullying day? ;>

Ah... I hadn't considered the bean-managed persistence angle. So this *is* all Kathy's fault! :)

Seriously, I think that mystery is what makes it so hard for me. I can't see her as a lightening rod for controversy of any sort. Scoble? Microsoft. Scoble's wife? Please! After reading a number of the email exchanges on the computer book publishers group, I think far too much of it ends up being that she's a successful woman who enjoys a following of readers, and there are those who just can't accept that. And the cretins who post that garbage figure that a gender attack shows who has the "real power".

I was surprised to also find out that a number of male authors have also experienced the whole stalker/threat situation. Again, I'm not naive, but I never thought that the dark underbelly of the 'net was that pervasive.

This whole experience has changed my views and actions permanently, and it's made me far more willing to stand up and say "enough is enough" when it comes to virtual society that crosses the bounds of normal human decency...

I just wish it hadn't come at such a cost...


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