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February 23, 2007


I find that the sticky note plugin to the Google personalized home page takes care of my needs for holding links to stuff that I need to check out when I get home from work (either something that would take too much time to read then and there, or stuff that's just plain old NSFW). I usually only have 2 or 3 links and a mandatory note at the top that never changes, which reads "Drink more coffee". I'm sure your list is way too big for the space allotted though.

The collaboration feature of Google Docs is indispensable, to me, as a software contractor. Twice, now (100% of contracts since I started using docs), I've kept clients in the loop regarding how many hours I've been working on their project. Neither times they've had Google accounts, and it just works. In fact, I put in a message at the Google Group "Share your story":


my note about opening document attachments in Google Docs is no longer valid.

(sorry, don't know the markup for link, and html didn't work)

Ah, collaboration. Of course. Yeah, emailing around one copy of a spreadsheet while updating the master...not as fun as it sounds. ;> The sticky sounds interesting too.

Thanks for the comments!


re: jason

I don't know if that's quite collaborative enough for me. Please tell me Google's Apps aren't that sad?

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