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February 20, 2007


Thanks for the tip. This was driving me CRAZY.

Fantastic - was out looking for an option to stop that delete prompt - backspace is just as good - thanks!

Thank you for the tip. I googled for a way to skip that dialog. This page was the first hit and had just the information I was looking for.

I tried using shift+del also, but that deleted a bit too much...

I removed the "Delete Contents" modifier for the "delete" key by using Tools-->Customize. Scroll down the Shortcut Keys until Delete is listed. If the entry on the right side of Delete says "Delete Contents", then remove it by selecting the "delete" button on the right beneath the "Modify" button. Select "OK" to save the changes. Now the Keyboard's Delete key works the way we all expect. If you want the Delete Contents menu, then assign it to, say, the Backspace key (your good friend). My Delete key works the way one would expect without that annoying menu!

Great! This was really what I was looking for. My thanx go to Google and this web site.

Here is a better idea - rather than forcing users to Google to find this tidbit of information, just make the Delete key work like most people expect it to (Since most users are migrating from MS Office this should just delete with no prompts).

Do these OO.o guys have any clue about software usability?

Novell has switched the functionality in their version of OOo to making Delete just delete things.

I'm also not sure, but it's possible that under Tools > Customize, Keyboard, you could modify the shortcuts to something more familiar.


Who's idea was this? It's the OO version of the talking paper clip - unbelievably irritating, and doubly so because it's so obviously going to be irritating.

I mean congratulations to all involved for building a first class bit of software.... but this is bad. I've also been trying for the last 15 minutes to try to change it with the customize section - that's incredibly unintuitive as well... I still haven't managed to get it to do anything other than act as a down button, or popup this blasted menu thing.

So yea, that was a rant... but as I say, congratulations on building a first class bit of software.

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I have to say that this is the worst function I have seen in software since the talking paperclip. Worse actually, at least the talking paperclip in MS Office you could remove easily. I have spent hours trying to make the delete key actually delete things, but cannot figure it out.

Sorry for joining such an old thread, but hell if I can find any way of fixing this issue.

Hi Ryan,

See this entry.

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