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January 30, 2007


Respectfully, it's not fair to say that MS Office 2007 doesn't make PDFs.

Hi Jeremy,

Last I heard, Adobe had withdrawn the option to let MS Office create PDFs.


The ability to publish to PDF (or XPS) is not included by default, but Office 2007 has a built-in link to the following addin.


Four of these are basically about the same thing - the money. I think some more variety needs to be present.

How about something about the lower system requirements and not needing to upgrade a computer to run it. Or that it runs on older versions of Windows while MS Office 2007 only works on Vista and XP. Or something about a lack of bloat.

Or something humorous about how everyone needs at least one program that ends in ".org".

Or "if Microsoft wants us to have ribbons they should give Office 2007 as a gift, wrapped in them."

Oh, good -- yes, the system requirements. I've seen those "I'm a mac, I'm a PC commercials" that reference those issues.

Ribbons....that has potential, yes!

Goofy name -- great software. Something like that for openoffice.org.

Thanks, Scott!

Hi Troy,

Great points and ideas! Maybe something along the lines of "great night's sleep from knowing all your licenses are always legal."

Love the ODF thing -- it's kind of like that Compass Bank ad a few years ago, "There will be a $2 fee to access your tube top."

I think I might have a good tshirt coming.

Here's another one. OpenOffice.org is often abreviated as OOo. You could do some sort of play on words with this as in "OOo and Ahhhh."

Make your system say Ooo. ;>

I'll take another run at the original design for the shirt.

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