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January 29, 2007


Hi this was very helpful!

just one remark: validity is under data not under tools.

kind gregards

If you're letting people download this spreadsheet to do their calculations, you don't want them changing any of the cells that contain calculations. You'd protect all the totals cells, the referenced cells, and the calculation for child support http://www.batterygoshop.co.uk/acer/squ-207.htm acer 916-2350 BT.A0807.002 SQU-207 ,containing the IF statement, of course.

Select all the cells in a sheet and choose Format > Cells. In Cell Protection, turn OFF protection. (Bear with me.) Click OK.

How would you turn the above
=IF(B1="Mother" AND (C11>B11);(((C11-B11)/10)*B2);0)
In to a sum
for example

=IF((B1<1); SUM C1 all the way to E1; 0)


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