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January 24, 2007


I prefer to teach Ctrl-L (or Apple-L) to focus on the address bar (L for link or location). It's preferable, I think, because it's more in agreement with the common convention in firefox. In fact, when teaching keyboard shortcuts, the first think I do is show how to look them up under the File, Edit, etc menu. Then I teach Ctrl-K (the search box) and Ctrl-T for a new tab. Btw, Ctrl-L works (however poorly) with IE. But I didn't know Ctrl-Shift-T. Neat! Oh, and one more suggestion: I work in a cyber cafe and I think teaching Tools > "Clear Personal Data" to be invaluable.

Clear Personal Data is FABULOUS.

Thanks for the additional keyboard shortcuts!


Hi, I need help in one regard. In OpenOffice how do you format a given cell in multiple ways. I want some part of the text to be left aligned and other to be right aligned. Also there are some numbers inside the (concatenated) text, which I want to format without decimal format. and all of this must be in a single cell.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Niraj,

I'm afraid you can't format parts of a cell in different ways. A cell format applies to all of whatever is in the cell.

My favorite FF shortcuts:
* cntrl-w to close a window or a tab
* cntrl-t to open a new tab
* cntrl-l to go to the url bar
* esc to stop url loading
* user defined keywords in the url bar (see http://www.mooreds.com/writing/mozillatips.shtml for more)

Thanks for the shortcuts, Dan! Glad it took this time.

I'm definitely going to use that Esc one.


CTRL-SHIFT-T is great! I've often kicked myself for closing a tab and later remembering I wanted to click a link in it. There's been a close-tab-undo all this time! Thanks so much!

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