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January 31, 2007


"When the software doesn't cost anything, that frees up an awful lot of money. "

Don't forget the cost of license tracking, as it can be a considerable expense for larger enterprises (like school districts).

The lack of "are we legal" pressure is a nice benefit too, in addition to the missing "does our current license allow us to install it on secondary-use laptops and employee home computers?" worries.

"But it's a pain to switch...It's part of using computers."

The promise of ODF is that products which can create, edit, and view the standard format now will be able to do so indefinitely. If someone will patch them, they can stay in use for years longer than we are used to now.

If a department needs to use a new product that can create, edit, and view the standard format, they can and only inflict the switching pain on themselves and NOT force every other part of their organization into an "upgrade" to accomodate them. They can't do that with current products.

The programming benefits of an open standard format like ODF are too many to mention, but automatic creating, reading, modifying, and displaying an enterprises document store should be a real lure for people who think valuable enterprise info is "stuck" in those documents.

Sorry for the ODF tirade, but one of the main benefits of OpenOffice.org, to me, is it's use of the open and standard format called ODF. Closed formats are a club with which you can beat your customers and competitors. It's time to stop the violence. :-)

Great! thanks

I agree instead they shoud look away from the Windows catogory linux has a school ditro i'ts free all programs too

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