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December 05, 2006


I was always pleased about the fact, that Opendocument uses SVG as its internal vector format and that you can export a drawing as a SVG file. But an existing SVG file is opened with writer (huh?) and there is no way to import it into a drawing or presentation. That is bad. :-(

Yeah, I tousled with SVG a couple years ago and ended up needing to get Illustrator to handle them instead.

This has been marked as an issue for OOo. Read more here.


PNG is a lossless format, so choosing the compression level for PNG never affects a single pixel quality. PNG is probably the best choice for most graphics exported from OpenOffice.org (because they are typically vector graphics), and I always use maximum PNG compression.

However, JPEG is a lossy format, so quality differs based on settings. JPEG is a good choice for photographs (which are not commonly exported from OpenOffice.org).

Completely new to Linux and OpenOffice. This was a complete life saver!

Great! I should note that these days when you export, you also need to mark "selection" since they took it off by default.

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