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December 04, 2006


I'm just a random traveler at your site but I like it very much. I have used OO for several years both at home and at work. Nobody at work knows I use it because I save as doc at work. Does all I need it to which is to write. Have used OO spreadsheets a little but found them a bit buggy in the past, especially when printing. My appearance here is caused by a desire to use Base (OO 2.0.4) to track my billing in my personal business. I have set up a DB and created a report and several forms, none of which please me.
I want my form to display a single record for entry and to use drop down arrows for some fields and to appear blank for others. Here are the problems I encounter:
My billing has a date field. When I click in the form box, I want nothing to appear, then I want an autocomplete that tries to guess the month and year. Right now, the box comes up with the current days date and I have to erase it.
The start time box: It starts with a time matching the last record which has to be erased.
The remarks box: Blank but I wish it to guess the last record's entry.
I have, as I always do, searched for tutorials but found none that give me the tools to do these things. The closest I came was sheepdogguides.com but it gave me a datasheet view and only gave me the means to make a list box.
Is there a book you can suggest, if not an online resource? Thank you.

Had to click through 3 links to get to the article and then it says I need to be a member to see it.

Post the damn thing here and dont make your visitors jump through hoops to get it

Hi Adrian,

I've pasted it in. The membership item is something I wasn't aware of. Also please note that I object to people swearing, either at me or generally, in comments on my blog.

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